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[8 Jul 2015 | One Comment | 2,363 views]
Restorative Yoga, Is it for you?

What is Restorative Yoga?
As a licensed massage therapist and fitness/Yoga instructor for the past 13 years, time after time, experience shows that many chronic aches and pains are caused by daily habits that constantly force us to look down, bend forward or sink in the mid section. Therefore, each Restorative Yoga class focuses on strengthening the core and opening up the front of the body specifically the heart, shoulders and rib cage. I like to say: “It’s like peeling off old layers of shrink-wrap. Ultimately, releasing stress and clearing out …

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[19 Jan 2009 | No Comment | 2,298 views]
What is The Nia Technique?

Nia Promotional Video 2005 from Nia Technique on Vimeo.
“Nia is movement-medicine for the body and soul.”
Nia was created in the early 1980’s by Debbie Rosas and Carlos Rosas, then fitness professionals in Marin County, California, searching for a smarter and less painful way to work out and stay fit.
The philosophy of Nia is based on the pleasure principle: If it feels good, keep doing it; if it hurts, stop and adapt what you do to feel better.  Nia is a workout, lifestyle and personal growth program. More than a physical …

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[19 Jan 2009 | No Comment | 2,793 views]
Come take a class with me in Fort Worth, TX

“It’s a lifestyle, not a diet”
If you would like to take a group class with me please click on the facilities name listed below to find out details on their class rates and membership information.
Texas Christian University Recreation Center: (membership only)

Gentle Flow

Tuesday’s at 8:30 am
Thursday’s at 8:10 am

Colonial Country Club: (membership only)

Yoga for Woman’s Health 

Tuesday’s at 10:15 am
Thursday’s at 10:15 am

Restorative Yoga

Wednesday’s at 5:30 pm
Thursday’s at 5:30 pm

Core Conditioning

Wednesday’s from 8:00 to 8:30 am (pool side, for the summer only)

Chair Massage

In addition to teaching Yoga at CCC, I  offer chair massage …

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[16 Oct 2008 | 35 Comments | 16,713 views]
Tired of the same results?


Thank you for visiting.  The intention behind my services and this website is to help create the well being you deserve and are capable of obtaining. I strive to aid my clients  in the reversal of chronic pain and disease that is caused by living in this toxic, modernized, environment.
Personalized and nutritionally valuable meal plans, grocery shopping field trips, private chef services and “whole food” cooking classes , are just a few of the beneficial resources  available here.
Massage Therapy is also available.  Beyond stress relief and relaxation, Massage Therapy stimulates …