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Tired of the same results?


Thank you for visiting.  The intention behind my services and this website is to help create the well being you deserve and are capable of obtaining. I strive to aid my clients  in the reversal of chronic pain and disease that is caused by living in this toxic, modernized, environment.
Personalized and nutritionally valuable meal plans, grocery shopping field trips, private chef services and “whole food” cooking classes , are just a few of the beneficial resources  available here.
Massage Therapy is also available.  Beyond stress relief and relaxation, Massage Therapy stimulates …

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Private Yoga Therapy Sessions now offered.

Yoga therapy is based on the theory that the body’s dysfunction is not always caused by a physical problem or accident.  It may also be caused by emotional blockage or old negative stories which can over ride healthy thought patterns over time..By working our way slowly up the body from the feet or “Root” to the head or “Crown” we work together to release, modify and/or change your personal story; be it one of pain,  struggle, dysfunction, or disorder.  Not only did I complete both a 200 and 500 hour …

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Restorative Yoga, Is it for you?

What is Restorative Yoga?
As a licensed massage therapist and fitness/Yoga instructor for the past 13 years, time after time, experience shows that many chronic aches and pains are caused by daily habits that constantly force us to look down, bend forward or sink in the mid section. Therefore, each Restorative Yoga class focuses on strengthening the core and opening up the front of the body specifically the heart, shoulders and rib cage. I like to say: “It’s like peeling off old layers of shrink-wrap. Ultimately, releasing stress and clearing out …

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Rustic Chicken Cacciatorie

Rustic Chicken Cacciatorie

“Rustic Chicken Cacciatorie” over Italian Trottole pasta
with a side of freshly baked Parmesan Crispini’s

* 1 medium shallot
* 2 large cloves of garlic
* 6 large vine ripened tomatoes or 9-10 Roma tomatoes
* 1 large red bell pepper or 2 medium sized
* 1 (6) inch sprig of fresh Rosemary
* 1 teaspoon of fresh Thyme
* 1 teaspoon of fresh Oregano
* 2 tablespoons of fresh Basil
* 4 boneless and skinless chicken breasts
* Sea Salt
* Fresh Pepper
* Grape Seed Oil

This rustic dish is a breeze to make since the ingredients are minimal. Let …

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Mediterranean Baked Fish

After all of the rich food and desserts we enjoyed during the holidays the recipe below is a welcome change to nutritious lighter fare that still offers the comfort and heartiness desired in the winter months.
Mediterranean Baked Fish with Herbed Lentils
Ingredients (for four servings):

(4) Eight ounce filets of flaky white fish i.e.: Cod, Haddock, Tilapia or Halibut
Cup (approximately 20) whole, pitted, Kalamata olives
Cup (approximately 20) whole, cherry or grape tomatoes
Large bunch of leeks
Bunch of fresh Basil (approximately 12 whole large leaves)
Fresh lemons
Tablespoons of grape seed oil
Cloves fresh garlic, finely diced
Teaspoon …

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“Cowboy Pie”

“Cowboy Pie”

This rendition of traditional Shepherd’s Pie provides fiber, magnesium, iron, calcium and Vitamin’s A and C. Substituting baby Lima Beans for corn also reduces the carbohydrate load.  A blend of turnips and carrots whipped together makes a fluffy and flavorful topping for the dish and by adding sautéed leeks and fresh Thyme to the sirloin, this healthier version of a classic comes to life.


3 large, organic russet potatoes

1 pound hormone free, grass fed, 92 percent or leaner, ground sirloin or ground Bison

1 bag, frozen, organic, baby lima beans

6 large organic …